Our diagrams follow a developing style but generally use line-art for objects, solid fills for encapsulation, and directional lines for data flows. They are often animated and so any author of a diagram should keep this in mind when creating new collateral.



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  • Objects in black and white line-art, and some subtle fills if required.
  • Directional flows as lines.
  • Ably services often represented in the centre via the logo 'a'.
  • Keep description labels short and focused.

Ably API Streamer:

  • It's sometimes unnecessary/useful to encapsulate thematically linked areas.
  • Include logos for 3rd party technologies where appropriate.


  • Visualising layers of services by placing Ably at the centre and wrapping/linking appropriate devices and features around it.
  • Note how there is always an attempt to retain som symmetry.


  • Always try to retain an overall light tone, even when there are many elements required to tell the story.
  • It often helps to color cordinate data flow lines.
  • Try to re-use objects that have already been illustrated to retain consistency.
  • Feel free to mix in more literal items like screenshots but ensure they have sense of being designed considerately.
  • Don't be afraid to add some character when the theme supports it - like bugs and critters bouncing off a security layer.
  • Some objects from the Lineart UI icon set can help to support custom elements.

Object library