A range of templates for creating these materials has been created which are intended to help speed-up the process and retain consistency since they will used by multiple authors.

Some general rules:

  • Always try to use supplied styles before creating new ones.
  • It's not unnecessary to use all items in the page templates - use only what you need.
  • Do not override cover / title page illustrations, fonts, logo placement or footers.

The above is not intended to stifle all creative expression - each piece of communication will demand a specific response - but remain aware of the overall brand posting and the long-standing design mantra; 'If in doubt, leave it out'.

A master GoogleSlides template has been produced for you to build on.

Click here to see download options
  • Don't be tempted to pack too much information into one layout - short, easily digested blocks of information work best.
  • Avoid too many free stock photos or 'tech' backgrounds that might seem to add 'pizzazz' but will likely date quickly and add title.

A master GoogleDocs template has been produced for you to build on.

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  • Remain mindful of space between page elements, especially consistency in text block arranging.
  • White-space is a useful tool in the right hands - don't forget let content breathe when it needs to.

Product and Data sheets

Master templates for product and data sheets are available as InDesign files.

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  • Product and Data sheets are more content-specific, and although the template provides for basics, there is room for creative expression and editorial precision.
  • They are mainly viewed as PDFs, but are also occasionally printed so keep document length as minimal as possible.