Ably provides the tools for real people to make real products for real consumers. Our imagery should always reflect this whilst avoiding clichéd or overly staged scenes.

Our imagery also favours a cooler color palette to retain a mature aesthetic and balance the vibrancy of our brand oranges and blues.

For example:

This would be suitable for representing coding or creating products.
Computer-generated or clumsy post-production, clichéd, ages quickly.
This would be suitable for representing wearable tech or connected consumer devices.
Overly stylised, twee, and uneccessary extras.
This would be suitable for representing messaging.
Clichéd ‘businessman’ in unnatural pose.
This would be suitable for virtual reality.
Obviously ‘Photoshopped’ or heavily post-produced producing unrealistic scene.
This would be suitable for e-commerce or mobile shopping.
Overly staged scene with excessive emotion and sexualisation.

Other considerations

  • When representing people, always strive for a balance of ethnicity and gender.
  • If the image includes a tech device, make sure it’s not dated.
  • If the image is to be used for a background, bring down the white-point to make sure any overlaid text remains legible.