The vast majority of our icons from the Lineart set.

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Suggested uses

Some suggested usage examples:

  • Channels, chat
  • Encryption, security
  • Privacy, compliance
  • Guarantees, reassurances
  • Notifications, alerts
  • History, recovery
  • Libraries
  • Documentation
  • Document or library download
  • Quick-start, launchers
  • Feature innovation
  • Settings, mechanics
  • Costs, calculations
  • Adaptors, integration
  • Performance
  • Free tier
  • Self-service tier
  • Enterprise tier
  • Customer support, help
  • The future, robotics
  • Performance
  • Peak connections
  • Messages
  • Tools, configuration
  • Migration, access
  • Tutorials
  • Reference, repository


Sometimes, even with an icon set as broad as Lineart, it necessary to create custom icons of our own, for example in a diagram where the individual elements are displayed at larger sizes. This should only be done to a specific brief and the work should be carried out by a suitably experienced/qualified designer.

Here are a few examples:

Note how the thick-and-think stoke weights is carried over from Lineart.